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Please excuse the quality of the jpeg images below, but I wanted to share with you a new and wonderful adventure that Burgess Horse Works has embarked on. Burgess Horse Works is now offering a new line of miniature (Breyer Stablemate scale) costumes and riders!

Miniature-Scale Native American Costume
Crafted by Burgess Horse Works.

Made with the same attention to details, quality and craftsmanship that goes into BHW's Traditional-scale Native American Costumes, our new miniature line is an exciting offering for those brave individuals who show those miniature models in performance. We understand the "shoe-box showstring" philosophy and recognize that those showing miniatures in performance deserve the same quality, detail and accuracy available to those showing traditional-scale models.

Doll riders are outfitted in costumes constructed from ultra-thin skiver with breach cloth, shirt with fringe on the arms and back, leggings complete with fringe on the sides, moccasins, spear & shield with feathers, and buyers choice of a regular or full (long) bonnet. All BHW costumes feature real feathers, with each quill hand-trimmed to bring it into scale with the horse and rider. All costumes are tastefully and appropriately decorated with authentic Indian symbols (a wide range of choices available - buyer will be offered options when ordering). The doll rider is in scale with the horse and costume, and has mohair hair to add to his authentic appearance. The Costume for the horse is just beautiful, and is fully and quickly removable, an important point for those who cross-enter their performance models.

The use of ultra thin skiver, natural in color, has allowed the crafting of fine pieces such as the leather loop which serves as a bridle, and a breast collar with miniature feathers. These miniature costumes have all the detail I put in to all of my traditional size costumes, with the exception of the rabbit fur which is simply not appropriate for this scale.

The horse pictured is the K. Moody, Breyer Stablemate Thoroughbred, shown running with two legs on the ground and sticky wax to hold him up in the extended gallop that he is doing. He has a resculpted mane and tail, newly sculpted ear now facing forward, and has also been endowed with stallion bits. This model has been painted in acrylics to a red dun snowflake/leopard Appaloosa, with a very thin blaze, hand symbol on his neck and a circle of white on one of his eyes. He sports carved and striped hooves and tri-eyes, sclera and mottling on face and stallion parts. As with all BHW pieces, any seams and logo have been removed prior to painting.

The whole set is a Burgess Horse Works Exclusive. Totally Top L.S.Q.

Tradition-Scale Native American Costume
Crafted by Burgess Horse Works.

Please feel free to email us with any questions, comments,
and for more information on our custom work.

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